Ford F-150 Hybrid Ideal Solution

Additional power-saving fuel consumption. The ideal combination. The news that Ford Motor Company plans to offer F-150 pickup model with hybrid drive, is delighted users of this type of vehicle. The Ford F-150 Hybrid is the first in a series of Ford’s F-Series pickup models, which will appear on the market. For it will arrive on the market and the F-250 Hybrid, while the F-350 and F-450 Super Duty models with hybrid drive, is questionable.

Bearing in mind that Ford offered versions of its most popular models with LPG/CNG powered, and the F-150 Diesel version of the final stages of development, the company’s intentions are clear, to maintain the primacy of the pickup truck segment. Arrival Ford F-150 Hybrid model is officially confirmed by the heads of of the company. The new version of this great pickup has already started with the development, and has recently had a pre-production model and the first test. By 2020, the F-150 Hybrid should get the first owners.

Ford F-150 Hybrid Specs

This hybrid pickup will be based on the new generation F-150 models. The new generation model has brought many innovations and significant improvement. By reducing the weight of vehicles using aluminum, significantly improved the efficiency and economy. In addition, the new generation of engines has contributed to great performance and reduced fuel consumption. The same recipe is applied to the F-250 model, and the results are fantastic. Ford F-150 Hybrid will, once again, to be a pioneer in innovation, and it will follow the larger models in the Super Duty range.

Ford F-150 Hybrid

F-150 Hybrid will not be Plug-In Hybrid, than conventional hybrid model, which will combine a gasoline engine and an electric motor. The company has not rejected the possibility that the offer find and Ford F-150 Plug-In Hybrid version. However, this version will have to wait a little.

The official specifications of the hybrid drive system is not disclosed. There is no doubt that Ford will offer the most optimal solution, which will extract the maximum out of future models. The basis for the hybrid assembly will be some of the engines offered by the new generation Ford F-150 models. According to some prognoses, the greatest probability is that this will be the most economical 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine. This engine is extremely economical, and delivers the power and performance V8 engine.

However, if under the hood Ford F-150 Hybrid pickup to find a 3.5-liter Ti-VCT V6, 3.5-liter EcoBoost or 5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8 engines, this will not be a surprise. All of these engines, which are available in the new F-150, were tested, reliable, powerful, efficient and economical.

Whichever option a company decision, it is certain that the Ford F-150 Hybrid will be a great vehicle. It should still be noted that the basic version of the model will be available with RWD, while the AWD will be available as an option.

Ford F-150 Hybrid Release Date and Price

Official data on the beginning of the sales and price of the vehicle  still no. According to the previous announcements from the company, Ford F-150 Hybrid will be represented on the streets of American cities by the end of this decade.

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