2017 Ford Super Chief Rumors

The ideal combination of power and economy. Futuristic and unique design. Many possibilities of fuel. Many would like to describe the unique Ford’s pickup concept, Ford Super Chief. Ford presented the Super Chief Concept 2006. It is based on the F-250 pickup model. Conjecture, and speculation about a production not stopped since then. According to some reports, 2017 Ford Super Chief could go into series production. Something like that is expected by the end of 2016. However, Ford Motor Company did not advertise on this point. Any official information related to this vehicle does not exist.

As one of the leaders in the pickup truck segment, Ford is constantly pushing the boundaries and significantly improves their pickup truck models. The announcement of the company on the future F-150 Hybrid model was further fueled hopes of a possible realization of the 2017 Ford Super Chief project.

Based on the F-250 pickup, Ford Super Chief was introduced as the vehicle of the future, with many unusual solutions for that time. A large part of the vehicle is made of aluminum, and is represented by a drive system which combines three alternative powertrain fuels. Futuristic and unique design, it revived the theme of the legendary “Train of the Stars”.

Has not been long, since the introduction of this concept, and Ford has introduced a new concept, the Ford F-150 Atlas. The vehicle is made of aluminum, and it is based on the latest generation F-150 pickup, also with a body made of aluminum. Now it is announced and the new F-150 Hybrid, which will arrive by the end of this decade. Is the Ford Super Chief served only as a development ground of new production models? That’s a question we do not know the answer. To this question only Ford company knows the answer. We, like many others, would have been delighted if the company offered a standard 2017 Ford Super Chief.

2017 Ford Super Chief

2017 Ford Super Chief Design

As to us, serial 2017 Ford Super Chief truck does not need to look any different from the concept. We believe that many agreed with us. Recall, the concept is presented with a striking design front fascia. This look perfectly recreates the memory of the Santa Fe Railway locomotive. Later, this design of the front part of the vehicle seen with Atlas F-150 models, and the end result is the new F-150 pickup.

As for the interior of the vehicle, Super Chief has a number of elements of the F-Series King Ranch versions. In the interior is dominated an unusual elements that authentic, original evoke the idea of an homage to the legendary train.

2017 Ford Super Chief Specs

2017 Ford Super Chief is eco-friendly pickup truck, and such a  model is always welcome. The concept possessed a unique Tri-Flex Fuel system. In addition to the drive on petrol, Super Chief was offered the opportunity to drive hydrogen or E85 ethanol.

As a basis, was used 6.8-liter SOHC 30-valve V10 engine with 550 horsepower and 400 pounds feet of torque. Using all fuels, 2017 Ford Super Chief could not exceed more than 500 miles, with a maximum speed of about 180 mph. By using hydrogen as fuel, increases fuel efficiency by 12%, compared to the use of gasoline. In addition, emissions of harmful gases is drastically lower than that of vehicles powered by conventional fuels.

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